Not so far from Latacunga is the place where the locals go for a nice weekend: Baños. Situated at the foothills of another vulano, its main atraction are its hot springs.

However, we started off with doing some sports and rented bicycles with which we drove along the river which is one of the few break-troughs through the eastern Andes into the Amazonas bassin. Indeed, the vegetation changes drastically on the way down. Along the way, we visited a spectacular waterfall.

As the road seemed to consist of climbes that became longer and steeper, we finally gave in and took the bus home to join about 100 Equadorians in a 5×10 m² pool. It was amazing — some people even drank the water as it is supposed to have healing properties. If we did that, we would probably have dropped dead instantly.

Needless to say, we were the absolute attraction. Tall, pale (well, partially red) skin — it took half an hour though until someone found the heart to start a conversation…

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